Sportsbetting has a small future
Sometimes a small change can make a Big difference.  This certainly applies to microbetting a growing trend in the sportsbetting industry.

The dictionary defines Micro as  "extremely small".  That definition certainly applies since Microbetting is the term for betting on individual plays of a game.

No matter the sport baseball basketball football soccer, golf, heck even downhill skiing there are defining moments that lend themselves to friendly wager.

Will the next pitch be a ball or a strike? How many points will a basketball team score before their run ends? Who will score the next goal in soccer or hockey? Will the golfer birdie the current hole?

These "What will happen" moments are attracting players interest and attention and fueling the growth and popularity of real time in-play betting.  Microbetting keeps players involved engaged and excited and enhances sportsfans experience.

There are two major players currently providing data and fueling the growth of microbetting.  One is Simplebet who just entered into a contract with LIV golf and provides microbetting tools and data to the NFL MLB and even college football teams.

Another supplier of in-play microbetting data services is Betr a company who created the first microbetting app, whose CEO Joey Levy is also a co-founder of Simplebet and whose core management team includes Jake Paul the Youtube boxing sensation.

A partial list of other sports data services providers includes Draft Kings, Entain a UK betting company who recognized the microbetting trend and just acquired Angstrom Sports and Swiss Analytics.

The endless betting and revenue possibilities that microbetting presents will surely lead to other top sportsbetting entities like FanDuel and Draftkings getting on the bandwagon either through partnership or by developing their own microbetting apps.

One big concern of opponents of microbetting is that it may lead to problem gambling or abuse.  While that concern is understandable if you flip the coin you can also argue that microbetting is safer not more dangerous for safe gambling

In a recently published  article one proponent of microbetting  a co-founder of a sports data services business claimed that "the house always wins" and revealed that by setting guidelines  and realistic player expectations that microbetting can actually be a safer way to gamble.

With Microbetting players can view the gambling experience as any other form of entertainment like movies where you pay to enjoy not to win.  You allot a sum of money you can afford to spend and engage in microbetting to enhance the overall entertainment experience of watching sporting events.

This author agrees that microbetting can actually be a safe way to monitor and regulate problem gambling.

By identifying players prone to excess and limiting daily budget and activity the gambling industry can actually improve safe gambling statistics and prevent abuse while enhancing player enjoyment and engagement in sporting events and other events that provide microbetting opportunities.

As the saying goes "Sometimes you win sometimes you lose".  Microbetting provides the format for the scenario to play out. (pun intended) all during the game in every game.

Will Microbet be the next Big thing in sportsbetting?  You can bet on it.

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