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What is a Graduated Lease? and How does it benefit you?

A graduated lease offers lower initial monthly payments that grow as the lease term matures. It is best explained by using an actual comparison. Lets say you were considering financing an asset for $1,000,000 at 5% interest
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Now lets say that you negotiated a deal with the seller to lease the asset for $500000 for 6 years with an option to buy the asset at a specified time during and or at the end of the lease.  This is what your monthly payment schedule would look like using a graduated lease
 Year monthly pymnt
1 $2024.29
2 $3036.44
3 $4554.66
4 $6747.64
5 $10121.46
6 $15182.19
Thats a whopping 86 percent less monthly payment in the first year of your lease. You get full use of the asset at a fraction of the cost of financing the total purchase amount.

A graduated lease may work for you if you are a startup company with limited up front cash or a business launching a new product or service on a fixed budget.

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